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Publishing in the digital print-on-demand Internet where-did-all-the-bookstores-go era is a challenging opportunity. We have been in the publishing and multimedia business for over twenty years, and have seen rapid and exciting change...mostly for the good. Ink on paper has come a very long way since Gutenberg's first press, but what never changes is the importance of communicating new ideas to those eager to learn and explore. We have kept hold of that concept in all aspects of our business today.


“Yes, it is a press, certainly, but a press from which shall flow in inexhaustible streams, the most

abundant and most marvelous liquor that has ever flowed to relieve the thirst of men!”

                                                                                                          —Johannes Gutenberg, c. 1450


about us



    We design and produce materials in a wide range of needs for training and development used by corporations and non-profits world-wide.



    Our books include both fiction and non-fiction works, produced directly here and in collaboration with other independent publishers.


  • ARTS

    We are a publisher of original stage plays and producer/distributor or films, both documentary and theatrical.



    We are proud to work with several talented groups to offer a wide array of solutions.


New projects for 2015 ... stay tuned.


The Good Side of Bad: novel by Beverly Olevin has been adapted into a play and is currently under consideration by the Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles. It was also considered by ACT Theatre in Seattle. Look for a production in 2016.


Updates for author readings of The Good Side of Bad and other works will be listed here.


Marley sponsored playreadings for 2015 will list here.


Workshops: Inquire about ongoing Writing classes and individual consultation.


Photo essay projects will be announced for 2015/2016.