virgin ears

Designs for the Pierceless Woman


Unique jewelry made from Czechoslovakian art glass beads

Welcome to VirginEars. Finally, a contemporary and beautiful earring solution for non-pierced ears...designs for the pierceless woman. These unique ear pins won't pinch or punish your ears the way clip-on or screw-back earrings can. Light and comfortable, you won't even feel them...they slide on over the earlobe like a bobby-pin. VirginEars are designed to fit every ear perfectly.


VirginEars earpins are made from art glass beads and semi-precious stones in a wide variety of styles and designs.


We also have a line of earrings with similar designs for pierced ears, as well as necklaces and bracelets.



NOTE: Many more samples and information to be posted soon.

These new earrings are made with the same art glass and non-tarnish silver or non-tarnish colored wire as VirginEars for non-pierced ears. Below are some sample color and design combinations...many more are available.